Unable to attend the gala on Saturday, October 14th in Kelowna at the Kelowna Art Gallery? Send us a bid via email!

This will be a one-time bid so name the highest price that you’d be willing to spend on the shoes. If a bid comes in higher than that at the event the sealed bid will be void.

Please email your “sealed” bid and include the Lot #, your bid and phone number to by no later than Saturday, September 14th at 12pm PST. 

Bidding will start at $100 per pair. If yours is the highest bid you will be contacted for payment Saturday night by 9:30pm PST for payment to secure your pair of shoes. Thank you for supporting Shoe Bank Canada‘s mission to ensure no Canadian should want for a decent pair of shoes!

#1 – Regina Seib (Nanaimo, BC)

I was born in a small village in East Germany and immigrated to Canada at age seven with my mother and grandmother. Being an only child and not speaking English, drawing was my retreat. Drawing and painting became an ardent passion.

My desire to create continued to intensify and since the year 2000 I have been painting full time realizing a lifelong dream.In 2009 I earned my AFCA with the Federation of Canadian Artists. With the creative urge God has given me, I am constantly motivated and challenged. Abstracted images and pure abstraction has given me great liberty in expressing myself and expanding my boundaries.

#2 – Teri Blackwell (Kelowna, BC)

I’m an artist who embraces change and trying new things my work is always evolving into something more genuine as I discover how to better express my true self.

Teri Lynn Blackwell is an Okanagan artist showing and selling her work in Galleries and public exhibitions for the past ten years. Her work has been described as whimsical with hidden details that show themselves as you view her pieces over time. When TL isn’t painting and drawing she is mountain biking and camping with her Husband and three teenaged children.

Teri Blackwell Art
Nikki Balfour

#3 – Nikki Balfour (Kelowna, BC)

Born in BC and growing up in the Okanangan, Nikki has been exposed and inspired by the beauty of the mountains and lakes. In her younger years Nikki was often found sketching in her text books where a common theme of figures, faces, and details of nature often appeared.

In addition to numerous independent shows and events, Nikki has been involved in group exhibitions and events at various locations in the Okanagan Valley, including: Art Walk, RCA, Kelowna Community Theatre, Vernon Community Arts Centre, Vernon Art Gallery, Bo.ttega, and Sopa’s U8 show. In April 2014, she had the opportunity to show her latest series of work to a whole new audience at the Toronto Art Expo and again at Art!Vancouver in 2016. Nikki also has a private permanent collection of her work at Kelowna’s Bo.ttega Farm Inn.

#4 – Nancy Hache (Navan, ON)

Nancy Hache is a British Columbia, contemporary artist who credits a great deal of her abilities to growing up in a family where painting, pottery and music were shared passions. Nancy continued her education at St. Lawrence College and then The Ottawa School of Art. She has been juried and exhibited in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Mexico.

“Frida loved to create paintings on her many different pairs of shoes so I thought it was only fitting that I create a painting on my Shoe Bank shoes that incorporates Frida, the tropical leaves and plants, calla lilies, bird of paradise, butterflies, Mexican symbols and more, that all represent the artist and her creations.” ~ Nancy

Nancy Hache
"Feet what do I need you for when I have wings to fly" ~ Frida Kahlo

#5 – Miroslav Djordjevic (Vancouver, BC)

Miroslav Djordjevic, or Miro, is a contemporary artist based in Vancouver and his artwork is done in the style of figurative conceptual abstract expressionism.

Prior to moving to Vancouver and becoming a part of the local art scene, Miro has had several group exhibitions in Europe. His art is inspired by his dreams, music, and movies.

#6 – Jan Corcoran (Saskatoon, SK)

Jan Corcoran is a contemporary artist who works in mixed media, oils, and acrylics. Working from observation, memory and imagination, Corcoran finds a rhythm with the materials that allows her to give free rein to those internal forces. Jan lives and works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jan Corcoran
Finished shoes
Daniel Moosayebi
"Through love thorns become roses." ~ Rumi

#7 – Daniel Moosayebi (Toronto, ON)

Daniel Moosayebi is an artist from Toronto and the creative director of Inked Out Kicks. He specializes in customizing and restoring sneakers, creating one-of-a-kind footwear unique to each client.

“I tried my best to bring out a part of my roots and my culture through Persian heritage. On the right shoe I tried emulating a floral design from a Persian rug pattern, and on the left shoe I incorporated a poem written in Farsi from a Persian poet by the name of Rumi in the form of a stem from a flower, which in translation means ‘Through love thorns become roses.'” ~ Daniel

#8 – Lawrie Dignan (Victoria, BC)

Lawrie Dignan is a self-taught artist from Victoria, B.C., and uses a pen and ink technique called pointillism to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Having worked as a technical draftsman, his work shows the contrast of natural and technical, depicting the B.C. landscape in a stylized, yet precise way.

Lawrie Dignan Changing Realities Art
Gigi Hoeller

#9 – Gigi Hoeller (Halfmoon Bay, BC)

Gigi Hoeller is a mixed media artist from the small community of Halfmoon Bay, BC. You’ll find most of her art to be colorful and vibrant, mixed with art containing rich neutrals, inspired by the beauty found in nature and all around us. Gigi takes something ordinary and transforms it into art that encourages the viewer to see a different perspective of our everyday surroundings.

Her work includes paintings, cards and small prints, larger giclees, and collectible art blocks. Her flower images have been reproduced as stamps for the Marshall Islands and put on limited edition silk scarves.

#10 – Mary-Louise Scappaticci (Elizabethtown, ON)

Mary-Louise Scappaticci is an Ontario-based mixed media artist and teacher, who uses her passion for what she does “to encourage others to express themselves and to Dare to be Different.” Her work is inspired by life, people, and the surrounding environment. You’ll notice right away her passion for people and figure painting.

#11 – Tanya Viala (Kelowna, BC)

Tanya Viala is a Kelowna-based tattoo artist who uses the more common method, a tattoo machine, to create beautiful body art, but also specializes in handpoke tattoos. She creates small and large-scale tattoos by using small dots to build a whole image, finding that this approach creates a connection between the client and tattooist.

#12 – Liz Ranney (Kelowna, BC)

Liz Ranney is a mixed media artist from Kelowna. Liz creates stunning abstract portraits and art, using acrylic paint, drawing materials, paper, and fabric, and also digital tools, like Illustrator.

“I love supporting my community as an artist, by bringing my creativity to the table, and collaborating with local entrepreneurs and businesses. Separately, we have our own unique trails, and we make and achieve our own goals, but together, we create community and a positive experience for people to remember.” ~ Liz

#13 – Margaret Bremner (Saskatoon, SK)

Margaret Bremner, a.k.a. the Enthusiastic Artist lives and works in Saskatoon. Her work is inspired by her fascination for colors, patterns, visual textures, and designs, which she combines in intricate works of art. She also practices and teaches Zentangle – creating pictures using repeated patterns. Margaret writes,”The word ‘enthusiasm’ has Latin and Greek roots and means ‘posssessed by a god’ or ‘filled with spirit’. That’s what making art does to me: fills me with spirit.”

The shoes are drawn freehand using various black pens. I also used some acrylic paints (iridescent white, glitter, and a super black.

#14 – Calliope (Port Moody, BC)

Calliope has shown artistic abilities since she was a toddler. Her family loves to joke that if you follow the trail of paint, scraps, fabric, and clay you will be sure to find a masterpiece at the end. She is self-taught and her inspiration is realism. 

She creates when she is angry, she creates when she is sad and she creates when she is happy. Calliope also has a desire to give back and at 11 years old she has already collected 1000 pairs of shoes to donate to those less fortunate. My Canvas Has Laces has merged two of her passions and she is grateful for the opportunity to use her talents to contribute to her community once again.

Vicky V C'estlavic

#15 – Vicky V @ CestlaVic (Toronto, ON)

Vicky V is a Toronto-based artist, specializing in custom-painting shoes and selling them on Etsy. She describes herself as a Shoe-painter, Disneyaphile, and Mad Scientist.

Vicky believes that since shoes are our vessels to explore and experience the world, it only makes sense to reflect someone’s personality, adventures, dreams and goals on the shoes they wear.

#16 – Julian Garner @ 5ivecents Tattoo (Ottawa, ON)

Julian Garner, a former pro-skater, is an Ottawa-based tattoo artist. His work is known for its shading and delicate line work that allows the colors of the tattoo to stand out.

Julian Garner 5ivecents Tattoo