Gigi Hoeller

06 Sep Gigi Hoeller

Gigi Hoeller

Gigi’s painted canvas and her original artwork donated to be auctioned off at our fundraiser

Gigi Hoeller is a mixed media artist from the small community of Halfmoon Bay, BC.

You’ll find most of her art to be colorful and vibrant, mixed with art containing rich neutrals, inspired by the beauty found in nature and all around us. Gigi takes something ordinary and transforms it into art that encourages the viewer to see a different perspective of our everyday surroundings.

Her work includes paintings, cards and small prints, larger giclees, and collectible art blocks. Her flower images have been reproduced as stamps for the Marshall Islands and put on limited edition silk scarves.

Visit and her Facebook page to find more of Gigi’s artwork.



Liken the Lichen (from Gigi’s website)

Nature’s Gold (from Gigi’s website)

Soul Fire (from Gigi’s website)

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