Nikki Balfour

06 Sep Nikki Balfour

From Nikki’s Instagram

Nikki Balfour is a self-taught abstract artist from the beautiful Okanagan Valley. She has developed a unique freestyle abstract style of painting, allowing the flow of her thoughts, music, and color guide the brush as she paints.

Nikki’s work is inspired by the beauty of mountains and lakes, as well as the color, shape and texture of various objects found in nature.

Nikki says that, “As an artist, I want to encourage others in their own creativity, lifting spirits along the way, to share an emotional response to the feeling of hope and beauty in life.”

Visit her website, her Facebook page, and find her on Instagram to learn more and see her artwork.



Day 1 / 2015
From Nikki’s website

Drift Away Collection ‘The Ancient Forest’
From Nikki’s website

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