Teri Blackwell

06 Sep Teri Blackwell

The finished shoes (from Teri’s Instagram)

“I draw and paint what I imagine, I have always done this.”

Teri Blackwell is a self-taught artist from the Okanagan Valley. She uses paint, ink and graphite to tell the stories that play out in her head.

To describe her work, Teri uses the words of her mentor Barbara Wannamaker, “There are worlds within worlds intricately woven and at once revealed.”

Visit https://tlblackwell.com/ and find her on Instagram to learn more and see her artwork.



https://tlblackwell.com/ workszoom/1925304/hinged

https://tlblackwell.com/ workszoom/2402754

https://tlblackwell.com/ workszoom/1779362

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